Christ Deserves Better

This is appalling!

Our culture is discarding Christianity, in part because so many people don't see the power of the living God to transform lives. Christians are silent, keeping to themselves the story of how Christ came into their lives and rescued them from adversity. These are His stories! Not our own to hide under a bushel.

People Deserve Better

The hopeless need inspiring stories!

In every town in America there are people whose hopelessness is so intense they want to escape into addiction or even suicide. They don't see any way out of their suffering. And yet, there are thousands, if not millions, of untold true stories in churches across America of people overcoming all kinds of adversity. Ugh!

The Church Website Blues

Churches are failing online

Check this out. 60% of church congregations are female. 80% of Pinterest users are female. Take a wild guess how many churches use Pinterest - less than 1%! Content marketing is exploding in the business world - a proven way to drive traffic to a website. Guess how many churches blog? Less than 13%!

Take the church website "how-to" course for effective online outreach to the hurting

Charles Wagner, web consultant, believer in Jesus Christ, and a man who has learned from adversity, has researched over 1,800 church websites and read over 1,400 articles about online marketing. Passionate about giving hope to the hopeless, Charles has prepared a course that takes what the secular experts are telling the business community to do in order to have success online and he has applied it to the mission of the local church to connect with the hopeless in their communities.

Take this course before you move forward with your new church website project. Take this course if you want to keep your current church website but do more with it to connect with the hurting in your community. Take this course if you want on your team a web consultant who knows online marketing, who knows church websites, and who has a passion and a prayerfully crafted plan for reaching the despairing in your hometown.

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